WokeNFree May Report (2019)

3 min readMay 31, 2019

10 Things To Do Other Than Talk About Trump

Are you tired of turning on the news and hearing a story about President Trump every single day? The mindshare he has is INCREDIBLE yet, there are many things WE can do, other than discuss (complain about) the guy in the White House everyday.

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1) Focus on Your Community

Whether you agree or disagree with the actions taken by our President, it doesn’t preclude YOU from taking action to better your own community.

2) Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Maybe you are like most Americans, and you want transparency when it comes to Trump’s financials. Guess what? There are SO MANY worthy causes that you can use YOUR finances to support. And, Trump’s lack of financial disclosure won’t stand in the way at all.

3) Be the Change You Want to See

We are in a world where we are constantly discussing the actions of others. What if we changed the narrative, and we spent less time focusing on the deficiencies or inaction of others and we focused on the actions we want to take ourselves? Wouldn’t that be something? Some might even say WokeNFree 🙂

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4) Spend Time with Loved Ones

Time is the most valuable asset you have in life. Spending the time with people that matter the most to us is the best way to live your best life!

5) Change the Channel

If you don’t like hearing the same depressing, emotionally upsetting, and unsettling news, you can do something about it. CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

6) Live for Now (Not 2020 Elections)

Despite the many democrats running for president, there is more to life than the 2020 elections. Go somewhere new, eat something fun. Do anything other than obsess over an election which our current president will most likely win. Stay tuned for what we have to say in an upcoming episode.

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7) Read A Book

Reading is one of the best things you will ever do in your life. You can expand your mind, learn a new trade, improve skills, or enjoy a world very different to your own. In fact, not enough people are reading. Do yourself a favor and pick up a book. It can change your life.

8) Up Your Networking Game

If networking was a person, I would call it Superman. Networking can lead to business opportunities, meaningful friendships, speaking opportunities, and so much more. What has networking done for you lately? Who has time to talk about the guy in the white house when you could be growing your personal and professional network?

9) Do Something that Scares You

If you do something that scares you everyday, who will you become at the end of the journey?

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10) Live WokeNFree

WokeNFree living is all about being real and honest with yourself and the world. You are willing to ask yourself the hard questions, and you never back down from a challenge. What is more important than WokeNFree living?

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