WokeNFree March Report (2022)

5 min readMar 30, 2022
Why WokeNFree may be the podcast you’ve been looking for!

At WokeNFree, we’re all about positive vibes and positivity. We believe it’s a good thing for everyone to have a “go to” place in life that gives you encouragement 24/7 and helps you reach your daily goals — your first place to turn when you need some motivation or support. We are proud to present our March report, which is all about helping us reach new heights of growth, as well as learning what you, our most loyal friends, appreciate most at WokeNFree this month.

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Monthly Recap Playlist

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WokeNFree Baby Milestone: KJ showing off his two little teeth :)

WokeNFree March Lessons Learned

1. Don’t be afraid of others doing what you do (or already doing it).

There’s very little that hasn’t been done yet, if anything at all. Your own unique perspective is what will allow you to stand out from the crowd and succeed.

2. Podcasting is a marathon not a race.

It takes time to build an audience and grow your show. Accept that it’s going to take some time for things to take off and enjoy the journey along the way.

3. Consistency is key!

If you want to grow your show, don’t miss a single episode or release date you set for yourself. You have to show up if you expect people to start showing up for you too!

4. There are no shortcuts when it comes to starting a podcast.

You need great equipment, awesome cover art, a solid intro/outro and great content if you want people to tune in and share your show with others.

5. You don’t need an audience before launching a successful podcast!

We didn’t have an email list or huge social following when we started WokeNFree and we were still able to get the show featured on several platforms including Newsly!

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WokeNFree Parenting Product Review: Why Not You? by Ciara and Russell Wilson

The moment we read the description of this book, we knew that KJ had to have it. This picture book is an incredibly important debut written by Motown Records superstar Ciara and her husband, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, this picture book will empower children to dream big and inspire parents and teachers to help them get there.

Overview (1–5 Stars): 5 Stars

Review: Why Not You? is told in rhyme, rhythm, and tone that will draw you in. You’ll hear yourself asking this question as the pages turn. Ciara and Russell Wilson have created a picture book that not only highlights a child’s ability to achieve the illusive and extraordinary (in a way that’s not arrogant), but also encourages them to dream BIG!

Recommend: Yes! Ciara and Russell Wilson have been known for doing amazing things and for being people who don’t settle for less than their dreams. And when they came to writing a children’s book, we were curious what they’d write about. They certainly didn’t disappoint. The story line is simplistic, as it’s meant primarily for children (it even rhymes!), but the messages are great and important for all to hear. If you’re looking to give your kids something positive to read, this would be a great book for them!

Why Not You? by Ciara and Russell Wilson
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