WokeNFree January Report (2023)

4 min readJan 29, 2023
New Year, New Goals? How’s it Going?

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6 Easy Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success

We all want to be successful. It’s just a fact of life.

But sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we forget how to set ourselves up for success. That’s why we’re here! We want to help you make sure you’ve got all the tools you need for success in your life. Whether it’s personal or professional, we’ll show you how!

Here are 6 easy ways to set yourself up for success:

1) Set goals. It’s so important to know what you’re working towards and what you want to accomplish before you start working towards it. That way, you can plan out how much time each task will take, calculate how long it will take to finish everything, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

2) Give yourself breaks! Don’t forget that taking breaks is an important part of staying healthy and productive. If your mind starts feeling tired or fuzzy after a few hours of focused work, take a break for 5–10 minutes — maybe go grab some water or go on a quick walk around the block — and then come back refreshed and ready to continue working.

3) Take care of yourself physically by eating well and getting enough sleep every night; otherwise those tasks won’t get done either! And while we’re talking about physical health: it’s also important not just because it makes us feel better but it actually gives you the energy you need to accomplish your goals.

4) Celebrate every little win along the way, no matter how small it seems! Because they add up and they’ll help keep you motivated even when things aren’t going so well (which happens too).

5) Don’t let negative people bring you down! Surround yourself with friends who are supportive of what you’re trying to do — and maybe even help keep each other motivated!

6) Believe in yourself. You can’t expect others to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself first! If someone tells you that something isn’t possible, don’t let that discourage you — instead, tell them about all the things that ARE possible (including your own potential).




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