WokeNFree February Report (2022)

This was a VERY heavy month. And, we can’t believe Black History Month is nearly over! As for KJ, he is very much thriving as he turns 8 months old this month.

On February 2nd, we sadly said goodbye to our beloved Tuxedo cat Toby :(

Last week, we also lost Natasha’s Aunt Sonia. Read her thoughts about the topic of loss HERE.

WokeNFree February Playlist for Empowerment

WokeNFree February Lessons Learned

#1 — Don’t take your loved ones for granted

#2 — You are responsible for creating the life you want

#3 — A child’s laughter is filled with pure magic

WokeNFree Parenting Product Review: SNACTIV (As Seen on Shark Tank)

We have always been a fan of snack foods, especially spicy ones!

When you become a parent, the need to multitask is abundantly clear. How can you eat a spicy snack and pick up your baby without risking touching them with residue on your fingers? SNACTIV is the solution.

Overview (1–5 Stars): 5 Stars

Review: It is VERY easy to use SNACTIV to snack, use our phone and laptop, care for KJ, and do laundry all at once! Now that’s what we call a WokeNFree product!

Recommend: Yes, we are so excited to incorporate this product into our daily routine. SNACTIV takes yous snack game to a whole new level.

If you want to submit a product for a WokeNFree Review, email us at WokeNFree@gmail.com!



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