WokeNFree February Report (2020)

This month is all about LOVE…

In honor of this romantic theme, we wanted to share 5 songs that you will FALL IN LOVE WITH and listen to repeatedly this month…

Dollar by Electric Guest — This song makes me sing in my falsetto.

GHOST by Jaden Smith — This song makes me feel like I can freestyle even though that’s not my thing.

King Nas by Lupe Fiasco — This song makes me reflect on the current state of society and where we’ve come from.

Run (What So Not & QUIX Remix) by Awolnation — This song makes me want to watch horror or action movies, since it’s the perfect theme song for those genres.

Bad Guy by Billie Eilish — This song makes me want to take selfies wearing vampire teeth.

Tingo by Neesa Preppy — This song makes me want to run outside of my house to dance in the street.

Beauty by Orlando Octave — This song reminds me about what true beauty is all about.

Right for Somebody by Kerwin Du Bois — This song makes me smile and think of Kahlil.

Hello — JOTT Remix by Kes and JOTT — This song makes me want to say HELLO to everyone around me :)

Need Love by Destra — This song was made for all the folks who struggle with jealousy in their relationships.

Share your TOP music picks with us in the comments below!

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