WokeNFree December Report (2021)

3 min readDec 31, 2021
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Can you believe 2022 is nearly here? 2021 was an EPIC year for us!

Before the year ended we wanted to share some products we tested this year and give you a WokeNFree Review!

Bright Starts Rattle & Teethe Wrist Pals Toy — Monkey & Elephant, Newborn (+) — $5.99

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Overall Review (1–5 Stars): 4 Stars

Benefits: As new parents, it is important to find toys that help your baby stay calm so you can multitask as much as possible. The benefits to using the Bright Starts Rattle & Teethe Wrist Pals Toy include:

  • Easy to put on the baby
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Good distraction for some time
  • Safe for the baby to play with

Cons: As much as the Bright Starts Rattle & Teethe Wrist Pals Toy was helpful, sadly there are some cons to mention:

  • It doesn’t distract the baby for longer than 5 minutes at a time
  • They slide around the wrist
  • Baby gets easily bored with the toy

Recommend or Not? Ultimately, we would recommend getting the toy because it isn’t too expensive and it is helpful even if it isn’t going to occupy your baby for too long.

MacroBites: The Weekday Warrior — $129.90

10 Meals. Lunch and Dinner for 5 days. This package is for someone serious about getting in shape. This is also for someone who is tired of takeout but doesn’t have the time to cook. Learn more HERE

Check out the meals HERE

Overall Review (1–5 Stars): 2 Stars

Benefits: Now that Kahlil and I have A LOT more to manage it’s really helpful to eat without spending a ton of time preparing meals. When we came across the black-owned business MacroBites we were BEYOND thrilled to order the food and try it out for ourselves. Here are some benefits with The Weekday Warrior:

  • Easy to order the meals you want
  • Variety of meats to select
  • Healthy food options

Cons: Sadly, we were not fans of the meals that we tried. Here are some cons with The Weekday Warrior:

  • The meals were not filling
  • Several containers broke once opened to warm up the food
  • Lack of flavoring and had to use other condiments to eat the meals

Recommend or Not? Ultimately, we would not recommend getting The Weekday Warrior primarily due to the aforementioned reasons stated above.

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Happy New Year!




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